OC Game Console Repair Service

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes We offer a warranty. All repairs are warrantied with 90 days on labor & parts.

What payment options do I have?

We only accept cash payment at this time.

How long does the repair process take?

This depends on several factors. Such as parts availability and the extent of the repair needed. Most typical repairs can be finished and returned within 5 business days. If replacement parts are needed then you can expect a wait time of 7-21 business days.

What if you can’t repair it?

Unfortunately there are times where a device may be un-repairable. In the event that your device is un-repairable after work has been done, a $20 Diagnostics fee will be charged.

What causes the Xbox360’s flashing red lights & Playstation 3’s flashing red and yellow lights to happen?

The Xbox360’s “RROD” and Playstation 3’s “YLOD” as they are called. Are caused by cold solder joints or solder bridges that develop underneath one of the BGA’s “Ball Grid Array” chips or other general failure of a component of the system. This is a result of the repeated heating and cooling cycles that the device is regularly subjected to from normal game play and use. Along with a couple of other minor design flaws that make for this very frustrating flashing red light or lights issue with your Xbox360 and the flashing yellow or red lights on your Playstation 3.

What is the difference between a reflow and a re-ball?

Reflowing is the process in which the offending BGA chip is cleaned and fluxed and put through a thermal profile on a rework station which re-melts the existing solder and remakes the proper connection to the motherboard. Sometimes though rather than having fractures in the individual solder connections, there could also be a “short” or bridged solder connection caused by the console overheating, or from prior unsuccessful amateur repair attempts such as unregulated blasts of a heat gun which does more damage.

Re-balling is the process in which the offending BGA chip is completely removed from the motherboard and then the old solder is cleaned off and removed. Then the BGA chip is reset back to the motherboard with new solder beads.