Being a 'layman' in technical jargons of gaming devices makes me frustrated especially when my good-old fat PS3 begun giving trouble in running any games. I was afraid that I might lose all my investment in high-priced PS3 games and time spent playing! Then, I came across Justin's post on Craigslist. First time I was quite hesitant to give PS3 tech job on Craigslist - but after reading Justin's post (with no hidden backdoors), and talking with him frankly - I felt confident that he will do full justice to save my PS3 amicably. I found Justin's approach very professional: he asked very several questions to narrow-down the issue, and laid his plan very frankly and honestly about how he will approach to resolve the issue. PS3 had lens probs, and Justin found good deal and fixed the console in very reasonable cost and short time. And at the end, he also provided with 2-month repair warranty if things go south! What more you need when you don't know where to go and company don't want to take responsibility of pre- and post-repair jobs? Justin is perfect for that! I will never feel hesitant in recommending his services! Thanks. - Munjal

Quick, responsive, professional, informative, honest-these are words I would use to describe this company. My PS3 suddenly stopped working just as I bought a new game with the YLOD. I dropped off my system and it was returned the next day running like normal. Don't hesitate to give these guys a call. - Stephen

I had just bought madden 2012 and was playing it for an hour and bammmmm, no signal and there was the yellow light of death. I talk to all my game geek friends and they straight out said just buy a new one because its hopeless. Obviously I didn't have the cash for a new one and everyone was trying to charge me over a 100 to just give it a try. So I was on Craigslist looking to buy a used one and than I saw Justin's ad. He new exactly what had to be done and gave me a cheap price. He was straight up honest with no BS or suspicion that he would take advantage of the situation. He told me history, let me come to his pad. He show me what he had to do, which took some hours and he clean out my whole PS3. I had it back for a few weeks now and am playing and watching DVDs . Definitely recommend. - Albert

My Xbox continuously kept getting the open/close tray problem. It came to the point where that not only did it not open but the disks that I did have in there wouldn't be read by my Xbox. I took it to Justin right away and literally in an hour he fixed it and for cheap. When I got it back not only did he fix the open/close tray problem, but he completely cleaned the inside of my Xbox. He kept me well informed of issues i could have and what I'll need to fix it. Great costumer service! Thank you Justin. - James

When my son yelled out the Xbox dont work! I thought omg i gotta buy a new console, I didnt want to get it fix i thought it would be a huge ordeal, I went online and decided to find someone to help me out. I came across Justin's post and went with it what i thought would be a long process actually turned out fast and efficient. Within a couple hours I got a call saying its ready for pick up, and its only 40 dollars WOW i was very pleased and impressed at the courteous and fast service thanks Justin you saved me cash and my kids are happy me too. THANKS I'll tell my friends.
- Albert

The problem with my Playstation 3 (120gb First Gen Slim) was that it intermittently stopped reading my CDs and Blue-Ray Discs. As time went on it became worse. Sometime it was relieved by restarting the console. A few months later the problem became so bad that restarting the console multiple times wouldn’t resolve it. Also, in the instance that the PS3 recognized the disc it would freeze when the game needed to load something off the disc. I would then be forced pull the power plug since holding the power button to hard restart would not turn off the console. When the Playstation wasn’t reading the disc I could hear the game being loaded and the console trying to read the game. I figured it was the Blue-Ray lens going out. I was going to change it myself but Black Ops 2 was coming out in a few days so I decided to look on Craigslist to see if anyone had the Blue-Ray Laser in stock so I can get it fixed ASAP. I messaged a couple people and Justin was one of them. He was the most polite, easiest to deal with, told me straight facts and I could tell that he wasn’t out to get my money. So I went to drop off my Playstation 3 to him. The plan was to open it up and clean up the console to see if that fixes it. Unfortunately, it didn’t so he ordered a lens with expedited shipping. He replaced it and now my Playstation 3 works perfectly fine.
I would highly recommend Justin to my friends and others. He is friendly, easy to deal with, answers quickly, immediately researches questions he is not 100% certain about, and will give you a no B.S. assessment on your console. To him, it’s more of helping people than making a quick dollar.
- Brendon